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Olympic Day Run

Olympic Day Run

In commemoration of Olympic Day on June 23 and with the aim of enhancing the Olympic Movement, the Japanese Olympic Committee has staged the Olympic Day Run in which members of the general public can enjoy jogging with Olympians - every year since 1987. The Olympic Day Run is one of many Olympic Day events staged throughout the world. The purpose of this event, which mainly comprises a fun run over a distance of 5 km that is accessible to all, is to spread understanding about the joy of sports and the basic spirit of the Olympics by giving ordinary people the opportunity to run with Olympic athletes.

From 2006, in addition to the main event of jogging, the program has been beefed up with the "JOC Challenge Test of Strength," together with various clinics and hands-on activities aimed at giving people greater access to the participating Olympians. Also, "Olympic Day Run Ambassadors" are dispatched to events as goodwill ambassadors to directly convey the Olympic Spirit in an open, easy-to-understand and enjoyable manner.



Olympic Day Run in Hitachinaka (Nov.29, 2015)
Olympic Day Run in Shibetsu (Sep.9, 2012)