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JOC International Sports Leadership Academy Program

Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) established the JOC International Sports Leadership Academy in 2011, to develop those who can take leadership in international sports community. In the past four years, about 90 participants have enrolled the academy.

The mission of the Academy is to develop international sports leaders to play vital roles in international sport governing bodies and its events. Graduates are expected to not only enhance Japan's presence in international sport community ensuring its sporting interests of Japan, but also contribute on development of sport and Olympic Movement through a variety of ways.

Composed by eight face-to-face training sessions. Each session follows the same three day format from Friday to Sunday while during the session participants stay in Athlete-Village, the residential area of National Training Center. The course is conducted both in Japanese and English depending on classes. The eight-week program consists of about 80 classes, in areas of leadership, management, strategy, communication and professional skills, which divided into 7 themes.

The lecturers are selected from sporting and non-sporting world such as IOC Member, Executive Board Members of IF / AF / Professional sports league, Diet member, officials from the Japanese Government, top management of global companies and more.

Nominees by JOC or its affiliated National Sport Federations. Especially elite candidates, who could potentially reach International and/or Continental sport federations as executive or committee members, technical officials, umpire or judges and secretariat in the future, would be preferred.

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<Alumni Achievement>
From 2011 to 2014, 69 of 88 participants have completed the academy while 16 of the rest is still working on the course as of February 2015.

List of IF/AF positions earned by the academy graduates and participants

Positions in IF/AF Number Earned after the academy Ratio
Executive Board Member 1 1 100%
Chairperson or Deputy Chair of Commission 4 3 75%
Member of Commission 15 10 67%
Council member/Representative 1 0 0%
Project Member 3 3 100%
Technical Official/delegate 5 4 80%
Secretariat of LOC/OCOG 2 2 100%
Secretariat of IF/AF 4 4 100%
Total Number 35 27 77.1%