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PR Magazine "OLYMPIAN"

In order to promote the Olympic movement, JOC issues every year a PR Magazine, "OLYMPIAN", which contains Olympics-related informations.

It reports the activities of the Japanese team in the Olympic Games and in other international competitions and information about the events organized by JOC in Japan. In recent years, it reports also JOC's activities for the candidacy for the Olympic and Paralympic Games and JOC's activities for support recovery in the areas hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake of 11th March 2011.

List of Magazine Covers

  • OLYMPIAN20192019
  • OLYMPIAN20182018
  • OLYMPIAN20172017
  • OLYMPIAN20162016
  • OLYMPIAN20152015
  • OLYMPIAN20142014
  • OLYMPIAN20132013
  • OLYMPIAN20122012
  • OLYMPIAN20112011
  • OLYMPIAN20102010
  • OLYMPIAN20092009
  • OLYMPIAN20082008
  • OLYMPIAN2007_vol042007 vol.4
  • OLYMPIAN2007_vol032007 vol.3
  • OLYMPIAN2007_vol022007 vol.2
  • OLYMPIAN2007_vol012007 vol.1
  • OLYMPIAN2006_winter2006 Winter
  • OLYMPIAN2006_autumn2006 Autumn
  • OLYMPIAN2006_summer2006 Summer
  • OLYMPIAN2006_spring2006 Spring
  • OLYMPIAN2005_winter2005 Winter
  • OLYMPIAN2005_autumn2005 Autumn
  • OLYMPIAN2005_summer2005 Summer
  • OLYMPIAN2005_spring2005 Spring
  • OLYMPIAN2004_winter2004 Winter
  • OLYMPIAN2004_autumn2004 Autumn
  • OLYMPIAN2004_summer2004 Summer
  • OLYMPIAN2004_spring2004 Spring