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Mission of the JOC

President Yamashita Yasuhiro

President Yamashita Yasuhiro

Objectives of the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC)

As a National Olympic Committee constituted in accordance with the Olympic Charter and the ideals of Olympism, the JOC aims to contribute to the promotion of sport by supporting the Olympic Movement, which serves the cause of preserving world peace and developing international goodwill through sport, and by developing and strengthening athletes in Japan.
(From the statutes of the JOC)


Activities of the JOC

The JOC identifies the following two activities as its major policies: sending athletes to the Olympic Games and to other international competitions; operating events and services for the promotion of the Olympic Movement.

JOC ACTIVITY 2017-2019
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JOC Emblem

This "First Emblem" is used exclusively as the symbol of the JOC and may under no circumstances be used in conjunction with commercial activities. The Second Emblem, however, is sanctioned for commercial use.