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Kano Jigoro

Career of Kano Jigoro

1860 28 October: Born as the third son of Kano Jirosaku Kireshiba in the town of Mikage (now Kobe), Hyogo Prefecture
1870 Moved to Tokyo with his father
1881 July: Guraduated from the University of Tokyo
1882 January: Employed as a teacher at Gakushuin
February: Founded the Kano Juku
March: Founded the Kobunkan (English school) in Minami-Jimbocho
May: Founded the Kodokan Institute on the grounds of Eishoji Temple in Shitaya-Inaricho
July: Graduated from the Faculty of Ethics and Aesthetics in the University of Tokyo's Department of Aesthetics and Morals
1885 April: Appointed steward and professor at Gakushuin
1886 June: Appointed professor and head teacher at Gakushuin
1891 August: Appointed principal at the Fifth Higher Secondary School
1893 January: Appointed Director of the Archives Division in the Education Minister's Secretariat
June: Appointed principal of the First Higher Secondary School
September: Appointed principal of the Higher Normal School
1896 April: Accepted 13 government-sponsored students from China
1897 September: Resigned as principal of the Higher Normal School
November: Appointed principal of the Higher Normal School
1898 June: Appointed director of primary education at the Ministry of Education (until November that year)
1899 October: Established the Akaraku-shoin School in Kanda Misakicho for receiving students dispatched by the Chinese government. This relocated to Nishigokencho in Ushigome Ward and was renamed Kobun Gakuin in January 1902.
1909 July: Closed the Kobun Gakuin due to a decline in the number of students from China
Fall: Appointed as a member of the International Olympic Committee
1911 April: Established a judo teacher training school in the Kodokan
July: Established the Japan Sports Association and was appointed president
1912 July: Japan's first participation in the Olympic Games at the 5th Olympiad in Stockholm
1920 January: Retired as principal of Tokyo Higher Normal School
1921 March: Retired as president of the Japan Sports Association and became honorary president
1922 January: Established the Kodokan Culture Association
1924 March: Appointed honorary professor of Tokyo Higher Normal School
1936 July: Attended the IOC Session in Berlin where Tokyo succeeded in its bid to host the 12th Olympic Games (1940)
1938 March: After attending the IOC Session in Cairo, traveled to North America and fell ill with pneumonia on the NYK Line's MV Hikawa Maru out of Vancouver, passing away on 4 May. His body arrived at Yokohama Port on 6 May. He was 79 years old at the time of his death.