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joint marketing(from 1 Jan. 2015 to 31 Dec. 2020)

The Tokyo 2020 Marketing Programme

The Tokyo 2020 Marketing Programme involves the JOC transferring its Olympic-related marketing assets (logos, designations and other Olympic imagery licensed from the IOC) to the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, which in turn has the right to permit the use of these Olympic-related assets to prospective Games' Sponsors. The Tokyo 2020 Sponsorship Programme commences on 1 January 2015, after conclusion of the Sponsorship Agreement, and runs until 31 December 2020.

JOC Marketing(until 2014)

Objectives of JOC Marketing

The JOC's marketing objectives are based on achieving the principle of "using the Olympic Games to allow humankind to flourish, to elevate culture, and to keep the flame of world peace alight forevermore." This will be realized by sending delegations of Japanese athletes to the Olympic Games and other international multi-sport events*, promoting the Olympic Movement, and developing and strengthening athletes.

The support that the JOC receives from its official partners in the form of funding, expertise, etc allows the JOC to conduct marketing activities which promote the Japanese delegation and the Olympic Movement in Japan.

* Those international multi-sport events that are within the JOC's jurisdiction. The Olympic Games, The Asian Games, The Universiade, The East Asian Games.

JOC Partnerships Program

About the Marks and Images Used in JOC Marketing

The JOC authorizes the corporations contributing as sponsors to make use of JOC marks, official designations, athlete images, footage of the Japanese Olympic delegation, and other intellectual property (described below) in the possession or control of the JOC. These sponsor corporations are supporting the JOC, the Japanese Olympic delegation, and promotion in Japan of the Olympic Movement.

*Intellectual property available for use varies depending on the details of the partnership.

  • JOC Marks and Official Designation
    • The JOC mark
      • The JOC second emblem
      • The "Gambare! Nippon!" slogan
      • JOC communication marks
        Official marks for supporting the Japanese Olympic delegation etc
    • Official Designation (Titles describing a relationship with the JOC and/or the Japanese delegation)
      • e.g. "JOC official partner", "Proudly supporting the Japanese Olympic delegation", "JOC official licensed product" etc
  • Athlete Images
    • Athlete images that are managed by the JOC (appearances, names, illustrations, nicknames, autographs, etc)
  • Footage Related to the Japanese Delegation
    • The Parade of Nations from the Athens Olympic Games
      The Olympic Games, and other international multi-sport events
      Footage of members of the Japanese delegation
  • Marks and Images of the Olympic Games
    • The Beijing Olympic Games mark
      The Olympic symbol (the five rings)
      Marks from any Olympic Games (emblems, mascots, pictograms, etc)
      Footage, voice recordings, songs, the Olympic torch, medals, posters, etc from any Olympic Games
  • Other
    • Marks, images etc from the Asian Games, East Asian Games, or The Universiade.

JOC Marketing Programs

The JOC conducts various types of marketing programs within Japan, including sponsorship programs and licensing programs. The main programs are summarized below.

  • Main Sponsorship Programs
    • JOC Official Partnership Program
      • The JOC Official Partnership Program is the premier sponsorship program for the JOC and the Japanese delegation. The program enables sponsors to use JOC marks, intellectual property related to the Japanese delegation, athlete images managed by the JOC, etc, in connection with advertising and promotional activities for their contracted products and services within Japan. There are two types of JOC partners: "JOC Official Partners", which are the bases of JOC Olympics' family-owned company, and "JOC Gold Partners", which are given the rights of prime JOC Olympics' family-owned company member.
    • TOP Program (The Olympic Partner Program)
      • The TOP Program is the premier sponsorship program for the Olympic Games, conducted by the IOC.
        The program grants the right to use Olympic marks and intellectual property related to Olympic delegations for contracted products and services around the world.
        → List of JOC Official PartnersETOP Partners
  • Main Licensing Program (Merchandise Development Program)
    • JOC Official Licensing Program
      • This merchandising program allows the use of JOC marks on contracted products, and their sale, within Japan.
  • Other Programs
    • Programs to develop within Japan other sponsor and/or licensing programs concerning the Olympic Games and other international multi-sport events, etc.

About Use of JOC Marks

Use of JOC marks, athlete images which are under the control of the JOC, and/or marks, footage or images of the Olympic Games and other international multi-sport events requires permission from the JOC.

In particular, use of the above for commercial purposes is subject to participation in the marketing activities conducted by JOC.

The use of intellectual properties, images as marks, etc. of the Olympic Games and of every other international multi-sport competition conducted by JOC, requires the permission of JOC in addition to the permission of each competition's organizing committee.

If you would like to make use of any of the above, please be sure to contact the JOC in advance.

<Things that require JOC's permission>

  • JOC's marks and emblems, first emblem, second emblem, "Gambare! Nippon! (Get for it! Japan!)" slogan, JOC's communication marks, etc.
  • Images of the athletes managed by JOC, JOC's "Symbol Athlete", JOC's "Next Symbol Athlete", etc.
    *In specific periods, including the competition period, commercial activities of the athletes participating in the competitions will be regulated.
  • Videos, images etc. of the Japanese national team's athletes sent by JOC to international multi-sport competitions.
  • Marks, emblems, videos, images etc. of the Olympic Games, of the Asian Games and of every other international multi-sport competitions conducted by JOC.

About the protection of intellectual properties of Olympics etc.

In Japan, JOC's marks and emblems, intellectual properties and images of the Olympic Games and of the Asian Games etc., are protected by "Trademarks Act", "Unfair Competition Prevention Act" etc.. The Japanese government as well pledges to the International Olympic Committee the observance of the Olympic Charter and the protection of Olympics' intellectual properties and images.

<Main intellectual properties of the Olympics>
JOC's marks and emblems Olympic symbol (five rings symbol) emblems, marks, mascots and pictograms of each edition of the Olympic Games tournament names photos, videos, audio data, music, medals, torches, posters etc. of each edition of the Olympic Games

*Unauthorized use and diversion of intellectual properties related to Olympics etc. and of Olympics' images etc. will be punished by law.